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The Doctor of Ministry Program in Practical Theology is an advanced, professional degree equipping Church, non-governmental organizations, mission, and community leaders to engage in theological and ministry reflections through integration of theory and practice, so that the learner will be able to respond to current challenges of rapid growth of the African church and the community that desperately needs change.

The goal of the Doctor of Ministry Program at AIU is to train leaders in character formation, critical reflection and home-grown problem-solving through a mode of training that is affordable, accessible, and advanced. The program expands the possibility for more African leaders to access the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for the sort of organizational leadership demanded by our current challenges. To do so, the Doctor of Ministry program is made of:

  1. competency-based outcomes
  2. an integrated curriculum composed of research, theological and social science subjects;
  3. a reflective, problem-solving oriented case studies with contextual applications; and
  4. is offered in a cohort-based, socially supportive educational environment.

Although the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Theology share the philosophy of holistic training, the Doctor of Philosophy is more research-oriented while the Doctor of Ministry is more field-oriented. Students in the Doctor of Ministry Program may take the same seminars with students in the PhD Practical Theology Program but will do different assignments due to the difference in learning outcomes

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Integrating theory and practice in an attempt to examine in depth complex issues emerging from the learner’s contexts.
  • Develop a theological paradigm of personal spirituality and implement a plan for continuous spiritual growth and personal and professional renewal
  • Demonstrate the capacity to intervene with leadership skills and discernment in conflict situations and to promote justice and reconciliation in African churches, organizations, and communities.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and discernment for envisioning, promoting, and orchestrating positive change in African organizations and communities
  • Demonstrate skills to analyze needs in one’s community and to mobilize people to respond to these needs for a positive change that may lead to self-reliance for the stakeholders
TimePlaceSemester Range
9:00am – 5:00pmPHD Seminar RoomsJan, May & Sept

Entry requirements

To be admitted to a Doctor of Ministry program of AIU, an applicant must hold a valid MA in Theological Studies (Biblical, Missions, Christian education, Ministry, Pastoral studies) or M.Div. degree (or the equivalent) from AIU or from a university recognized by AIU. The Graduate Studies Board must approve exceptions to this requirement. Beyond the mere possession of a degree, the applicant must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B) or the equivalent in his/her MA or M.Div. studies and must demonstrate ability in academic research and writing. In addition, all students must fulfil all general AIU requirements for admission.

Since pursuing a doctoral degree is arduous and demanding, applicants should also demonstrate that they are capable, competent, hardworking, and determined, and that they enjoy the support of their family and/or church community.

Mode of study

Remote Teaching & Learning via Microsoft Team-Semester

Evening classes- Monday to Friday

Modular classes for 2 weeks( April, August, Nov/Dec

PHD Programs

The Doctor of Ministry seeks to create a framework for mature practitioners to reflect, study in-depth, and evaluate new paradigms for effective service in African contexts